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LPN, RDMS, Owner

Sneak Preview Ultrasound, Inc. is a premium boutique elective sonography service with the sole purpose of entertainment and bonding. Sneak Preview does not provide medical information or diagnosis and cannot be held responsible for any interpretation and recommendations related to services provided.   

 At Sneak Preview Ultrasound  we specialize and only perform elective prenatal high quality 2D, 3D, 4D/HD ultrasounds.  4D in real time is watching your baby live. HD Live ultrasounds enhances all of baby's features and we can catch baby laughing, smiling, sucking their thumb and so much more.  We perform ultrasounds as early as 8 weeks and throughout your pregnancy.

Come in and see for yourself!


See your baby again in 3D or 4D/HD ultrasound live on a 60' flatscreen TV.

Bring your popcorn, sit back as if you were in the comfort of your own home and take in the SNEAK PREVIEW,



We are the first elective ultrasound clinic in the Centerville, OH area.

Christine Cook is an LPN (Licensed Practicial Nurse) since 1983 and a

RDMS (Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer) since 1989  

Christine opened this business in 2017 with the mission of giving parents to be and their families a memorable experience throughout their prenancy journey.


  There are other centers in the area since I first opened in 2017, however you will not get the personal and professional (RDMS) touch that I and my staff strive for and offer. I love everything about giving moms, dads and their families a unique experience. My Center is very comfortable and inviting. I want my clients and their families to feel like they're at home. My mission is to give my clients and their families the best experience possible because they put their trust in me when they chose Sneak Preview Ultrasound, Inc to be a part of such a joyous time in their life.

I am very proud of our 5 star rating and we want you to check out our reviews from previous clients.

Looking forward to meeting you !!!


Christine Cook, LPN, RDMS, Owner


We do gender reveals at 14 weeks!

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