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A Quality Ultrasound




We offer a creative way for you and your family to meet your new bundle of joy. 

Our office is the first of it's kind to open an elective imaging facility in the Centerville area. We are locally owned and operated. We specifically specialize in and only preform prenatal high quality 2/D,

3/D,  4/D/ HD live ultrasounds. 


What is a 4/D ultrasound?

        4/D means you're viewing your baby live and in real time. All ultrasounds are performed by Centerville native Christine Cook who is a LPN, RDMS (registered diagnostic medical sonographer) and has been a diagnostic ultrasound technologist for more than 30 years. She is also the first woman to open, own and operate a local ultrasound office.


    If you haven't seen an HD live ultrasound you will truly be amazed at the levels of intimate details of your bundle of joy. We offer various levels of precision and pricing to meet our clients needs.

We are kid friendly. We have toys, books and coloring books available for your small children.




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