Postpartum Massage

Postpartum Massage — Pregnancy Ultrasound in Centerville, OH
Postpartum Massage helps the mother after childbirth. It's often said that it takes a year for a mother's body to recover from the stress of physical changes. Massage will help insure this recovery process by relieving aches and pains and restoring full muscle function and movement. It is also beneficial for C-Section moms because it helps reduce scar tissue formation and aids in the healing process! Research also suggest that massage helps reduce prenatal and postpartum depression. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

60 Minute Postpartum Massage

A refreshing 60 minute postpartum massage to alleviate your postpartum discomfort and aches. $90


90 Minute Postpartum Massage

An invigorating 90 minute postpartum massage to help ease the recovery process and help mom feel refreshed, $125


Series of Postpartum Massages

60 Minute Postpartum Massges or Relaxation Massages $255 or (3) 90 Minute Postpartum or Relaxation Massages $355